SomaSoup provides uniquely designed Creativity Coaching for each client's needs/projects/goals and Life Coaching in the fields of education and business advancement, and social and personal development. 

Formats include:

In person, phone or video conferencing consultations for individuals, duos, or groups. Blog to provide ongoing ideas and connectivity. Longer-term, project-specific consultations from one week to several weeks with follow-up. In home consultations from one session to longer-term.  Consultations for diverse populations from aspiring and professional artists in all forms, entrepreneurial to traditional business models, students (3rd grade to post-graduate), educators, seniors, people with varying degrees of health/emotional/addiction concerns either in conjunction with current treatment or as continuing care. Specializations in interpersonal collaboration, turnarounds, re-languaging, somatic sensitivity, vocal range, mobility, and increased neuroplasticity through active meditation incorporated imaginatively into daily living.